Tires for Sale: Buying Advice on Choosing Top Tires

What tires to buy?

Its the question that’s on everyone’s lips regardless what car you drive. Every car needs tires and buying them for some is a burden, for others a challenge, for others a pleasure. Even though its an outlay we all would rather do without having the correct tire for your motor is fundamental on a number of fronts. Think of the 5 following factors for starters.

Main Tire Factors

  1. Performance (Top 15 Performance tires)
  2. Safety
  3. Economy
  4. Traction
  5. Aesthetics

Yes its surprising on how many fronts we need to assess a new tire but getting it right can save you dollars in the long run by considering the factors that are most important for you and your driving conditions. One thing is for certain and that your car at some point will need new tires. The buying decision depends on several factors which can be easily determined in a methodical manner. People tend to over complicate things and this job does not have to be complicated. We have featured a few tips on buying tires over several areas that will help you make an informed choice on what tires for sale are best for your car and pocket.

Fuel Efficiency

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to determine what are the best tires for their car or the most important features to look out for. So read on if you find yourself in that boat. Be very careful when looking for tires that are too cheap as you don’t want to compromise you or your passengers safety when traveling. Similarly, expensive tires do not guarantee you getting the best value for money as they are often not suitable for your vehicle or your specific driving conditions. By researching different tires online and comparing prices you can educate yourself to make the right tire choice for your vehicle.

Tire Buying Time!

After clocking up enough miles in your truck, SUV or car, its time to buy your new slabs of rubber. You don’t need me to tell you that to replace your car tires can be an expensive proposition, and finding sale tires to purchase can help you save a lot of money. Spending some time comparing tire specifications and prices can pay dividends and bag you a bargain. Tires Remember, price is only one factor in determining the right tires, several other factors should be considered when purchasing and we discuss a few helpful tips below.

US Law Dictates

Every US manufacturer by law is required to place a placard in every vehicle and also features in your car owners manual. This placard contains recommendations by every vehicle manufactures consisting of:-

  • Tire Size
  • Air Pressure
  • Maximum Load

Most common places that car manufacturers place placard are:

  • Edge of the driver side door
  • Underside of your trunk lid
  • Attached to inside of your glove compartment

big tires

Its important to drum home a couple of essential facts when looking to purchase a set of tires. It is often tempting to opt for the cheapest ones which are obviously used tires or remoulds as they are known in Europe. It is strongly recommended when buying your tires that you avoid used tires even as a stop gap. The difference between used and cheap tires are at completely different ends of the spectrum. When your looking to buy tires online, cheap should only reflect the price of the tires and NOT the quality of the tire. Strip it down to basics, your 4 tires are the ONLY point of contact between car and road and this overriding safety factor is the major influence when driving in all conditions. self-regenerating-tire-tread-1 All vehicles react differently depending on seasonal conditions. Come winter time, many US and Canadian motorists fit specialist winter tires to handle the snowy conditions of the northerly states. Now, compare this with driving in summer and you now understand how the extremes in hot and cold temperatures can affect the model of tire considerably. Brake distances, tread, grip, speed rating, clearance are all varying factors that help you determine the correct tire and wheel package for your vehicle and environment. All manufacturers list comprehensive details of their tires and wheel packages online and conditions which they are designed for. Vehicle brands recommend different tires based on driving conditions, the main specialist categories are winter tires, summer tires, mud terrain tires and high performance tires. Consumers should consider their own general weather conditions first. There are custom traction tires for wet and high performance summer sport tires, but the general approach is to find a happy medium to suit your conditions. Generally, all season tire products made by many of the major tire brands provide the best wet traction and performance for SUV and trucks.

Places to find Tires?

Lets not kid ourselves there are loads of websites, shops and garages that sell discounted tires. Finding one is not a hard task, but finding the right tires at the right price is a lot more effort. The arrival of internet shopping has provided you the opportunity to research your tire and wheel packages and locate discounted wholesale tire prices from web based tire sellers nationwide. You don’t have to solely rely on local based stockists and can buy from established online retailers a lot of time at a discount. Most specialist local and online retailers stock the popular brands of BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Firestone, Continental, Michelin and Bridgestone Blizzaks tires. One other advantage of searching online is the ability to easily locate other leading high performance tire manufacturers that are not as widely available. Hankook, Dunlop, Pirelli, Yokohama and Sumitomo are available from specialist online stockists in the hard to find tire sizes that are not readily available off the shelf in local stockists.

Retailers for Cheap and Discounted Tires:

Different stores generally have special offers so its worth checking on a regular basis around the time you need to replace your tires. Other consideration should be given to discount clubs like Sams Club and Costco but bare in mind you require a membership and these don’t carry the wide selection and expertise of the aforementioned stockists.

Tips for discount Tires

A general rule of thumb when looking to buy discounted tires follow the 3 simple points laid out below.

  1. Research your vehicle manufacturers recommended tires, your owners manual and informative tire websites to compile a shortlist of recommended sale tires for your vehicle.
  2. Then price your shortlist with a local dealer and stockist’s. Once armed with your short list of tires and prices then set about looking to undercut this list utilizing online retailers.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask your local tire retailer for a discount and make sure to price all fitting, installation and a final fitted price to make sure there are no other extra hidden costs. Your then in a position to see if your researched price can be beaten.

Summary to Buying Tires

Always compare like for like, same brand of tire, size of tire, fitting and shipping. Then and only then can you make an accurate comparison. If you put the time in more often than not you can make a killing when buying new tires online. Even factoring in the shipping and installation of your tires should result in substantial savings.