Farm Tires for your Tractor

Tractor tires are designed to dig through rough terrain and therefore need a matching pair of wheels congruent with the heavy lifting. To meet this huge demand for tractor tires, are some very good tire brands. You probably have heard of the many different brands out there well famed for making heavy duty tires. Some of the big names are, Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Titan and Goodyear.

Radial Tractor Tires

Replacing your tires  will definitely cost you a pretty penny. For this reason you ought to take all necessary caution in picking the right tire that will enhance your tractor’s performance optimally. This article will focus on radial versus bias farm tires as well as different types of radial tires. We hope that this article will make the purchase process less complicated.

Different Brands

Before making any purchase, you need to establish the brand of tire you need to buy; bias or radial tires. So what is bias and radial, brand types? No. These are names that describe how a tire has been engineered. As far as price goes radial tires are much cheap tires. If your tractor only does the occasional tilling, then bias tires would be your best choice. Bias farm tires are less likely to wear out fast if all you use your tractor for is the occasional hauling of heavy loads and don’t use it that much on the road.

If you are planning to buy farm tires  for an older tractor or one that you intend on selling off, then bias tires would be the reasonable choice for you. Since bias tires have a smaller footprint than radial tires, it means that bias tires have a much less traction that would be best suited for more tasking jobs such as heavy tilling. Unfortunately, bias tires also don’t up very well on roadways. Bias tires slip or sway a lot on roads making them unsafe for tractors that get driven on the road a lot.

These are some of the reasons why farmers opt for radials and not bias. Though the better option, radials come in two different types, both of which have distinguishing features that set them apart; R-1 and R-1W tires. The main distinction between these two types of radials is that one, the R-1W, has treads that are deeper, with the R-1 having more space between the lugs.

There is a misconception though that traction increases with the depth of the tread, however it should be noted that this is not true in all circumstances. The traction is mainly determined by the soil’s moisture content in addition to the type of soil. The R-1W is best suited for wet ground as it gets a firmer grasp on the ground and is less likely to spin. However, they perform a bit dismally on firmer ground and thus not recommended.

 As most brands are made in Europe where the usage of tractors differ and moist conditions are prevalent, certain brands only offer an R-1W since they are imported from Europe.

Buying Factors

Farm Tractor Tires

Huge Tractor Tires

Other factors that need to be put into consideration before buying yourself a pair of tractor tires are how extensively and frequently you plan on using them in addition to the length of time you plan on owning the tires. It is pertinent that you determine whether you will be using your tires on gravel or pavement, if you want to elongate their lifecycle. You also need to establish what type of tires are best suited for the type of soil that you plan on working on.

In this harsh economy price definitely determines your purchasing power and will factor in when buying yourself a new set.

Before making a purchasing decision be sure to compare the prices of tire brands in different stores; online and local. This way you will get the best bargain. By making certain that you analyze your needs and situation first, you are better off making appropriate purchasing decisions.

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Lawn Tractor Tires

Get the Right Lawn Tractor Tires For Your Property & Your Purpose

When you buy a garden tractor, it will have a nice new set of tires on it; however, these may not be exactly the lawn tractor tires you need for your piece of property or your situation. You may run into problems when using your tires with the standard issue lawn tractor tire supplied.

For example, if you have a lot of hills and valleys, average lawn tires may not have the traction you need to get a good grip and work efficiently. On the other hand, if you have planted your lawn fairly recently and the soil is not really settled, you could end up leaving unsightly tracks every time you mow!

Another downside of using the standard or cheap tires that come with your lawn tractor is that, since they are probably not specific to the use you have in mind, they may not wear as well as you would like. You may find that they wear out quickly. Don’t let this discourage you, though. Understand that, if you look for just the right lawn tractor tires to suit your situation and the type of use you have in mind, you will get much better performance. Luckily, there are lots of good types of replacement lawn tires available on the market today.

Replacing Lawn Tractor Tires

The first thing you should do when you start to look for replacement lawn tractor tires is to pull out your owner’s manual. This will help you know exactly what size tire you need. If you don‘t have your owner‘s manual, you can get the tire size from the sidewall of the tire. Here, you’ll see a series of numbers. There are several ways that these numbers might be displayed.

Say your lawn tractor tires is fifteen inches high by six inches wide. In a three-number display, this might be displayed as 15 x 6.00 – 6. These same measurements might also be displayed as 15/6.00-6. There is also a two-number configuration of measurements. When this configuration is used, it gives only the width of the tire and the rim size, so for example, if your tire is 11.2 inches wide on a 24 inch rim, the measurements would look like this: 11.2-24. They might also look like this: 11.2/24. In any case, the final number in the series will always represent the rim size.

Once you have determined the size of lawn tractor tires you need, you will want to think about the type of tire you want. To figure this out, you must think about the surface you will use your lawn tractor on. If your property is very hilly and has rough terrain, you will want to choose a heavy duty super turf lawn tractor tires that will give you optimum traction. This type of lawn tractor tires has larger lugs to grip the ground. Another heavy duty choice is a tubeless lawn tractor tires. These tires are super-rugged and don’t need as much care as other types.

Choices of Tire

Keep in mind that super turf lawn tractor tires will leave tracks in smooth areas of your yard. If you are concerned with this, you will want to choose regular duty lawn tractor tires . This is most likely the type of tire your lawn tractor tires came with. Another option for a tread-mark-free lawn is the turf saver lawn tractor tires. This is the best choice for newly planted lawns. Just remember that these last two choices will not be useful to you on rough, hilly ground.

For a combination property, a ribbed lawn tractor tire is a good choice. This type of tire has pretty good traction and is also fairly gentle on smooth ground. If you don’t have tremendous extremes of terrain on your property, this may be the best choice for you.

Look to The Internet to Buy Lawn Tractor Tires

Once you know the size of your tire and have some ideas about the type of tire you want, see if you can locate exactly what you have in mind online. Look at the website for the brand of lawn and garden tractor that you have. Google “lawn tractor tires“ to find some promising venues. Take careful note of the prices of tractor tires and the shipping costs. By doing your homework, you will get a good idea of the kind of price you should expect to pay. You may find exactly what you want, but don’t buy it just yet.

Instead, head out to your local tractor supply dealer to see what you might find close at hand. Most places that sell lawn and garden tractors, such as John Deere or Sears, should have a nice selection of lawn tractor tires and rims available for you to choose from. If they don’t have just what you need, you might also try Lowe’s, Home Depot, or some other big home improvement store that has a comprehensive garden area. If you find a local deal that compares favorably to what you have learned online, go ahead and make your purchase. If not, be a savvy shopper! Go home and place your order online and save some money!

Once you have just the right kind of lawn tractor tires to suit your machine, your terrain, and the jobs you need to do, you will surely see a big improvement over the performance you experienced with the standard issue tires that came with your lawn and garden tractor. Be sure to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to maintain your lawn tractor tires properly. You should have an air compressor with a built in tire gauge on hand to check your tires and inflate them to the proper pounds per square inch (PSI) as needed. You’ll find this listed on the side of your lawn tractor tire. Properly cared for, your new lawn tires will be a long-lasting investment.

Lawn Tractor Tires

Tractor Tires

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Used Tractor Tires

Used Tractor Tires for Agriculture, or Farming, has been with us for some 10,000 years and it has seen some significant changes over this time. There can be no doubt that today’s modern farmer is most glad of the advanced technology in farming. How far this industry has come from the days spent sowing seeds by hand or steering a horse or oxen-drawn wooden plough! Perhaps one of the most recognizable and steadfast of all agricultural machinery is, of course, the Tractor.

Different Types of Used Tractor Tires

Tractors come in all shapes and sizes and are built to work in pretty hard conditions. What a tractor is typically required to deliver is a high tractive effort (pulling or pushing force) at slow speed – such as is needed when ploughing or harvesting a field. As any experienced farmer will tell you, this kind of work means a lot of maintenance and in particular special attention to the used tractor tires.

Replacing an old used tractor tires with a brand new tires can be quite expensive and can cost anywhere between a few hundred and a thousand dollars – yes, for just one tractor tire! Fortunately, for those of us who need to watch the budget and don’t essentially need a brand new tire, there are plenty of options to find a quality used farm tractor tires as an alternative to buying new.

What kind of Used Tractor Tires do I need?

The search for used tractor tires may seem like a lot of work in itself but the savings that can be made in buying from discount tire stores or used tractor tire manufacturers will make the search worthwhile.

To narrow down your search, have a fairly clear idea about what it is your tractor is required to do. You may have a specific use for your tractor that dictates the best tire to do the job. Agricultural used tractor tires are a good choice if your tractor is required to pull other machinery. The maximum angled bar tread allows for maximum traction to avoid getting stuck on muddy surfaces. However, if your tractor is used for landscaping work then a lawn tractor tire, or turf tire, would work better than an agricultural tire. Lawn tractor tires have less traction, more possibility of slippage, but are gentle on grassy surfaces.

What checks are helpful when buying a Used Tractor Tires?

Whether you are buying used tractor tires, it is important to check the quality or condition of the tire. First you need to know the correct size of tire needed either by checking the original tire or from the model of tractor. If you’re still not sure, contact a local dealer who will be able to guide you.

Once you find a tire or set of used tractor tires, start by looking at the tread of the tires on sale. Tires fall into different categories depending on what they are required to do. So it is wise to check the type of tread to ensure it is suitable to the terrain and type of work required by the tractor. The amount of tread on the tire is also important as a guide to how long a life you may expect to get – no point in buying a used tire that will need replacing again in a few short weeks!

Next, the tire sidewalls should be checked as these are more exposed to wear and tear. If the sidewalls appear to be in poor condition it would be wiser to not purchase that tire. Finally, try to check the beading to assess if the used tractor tires will be a good fit to the rim.

It is wise to know what to look out for before you buy a used tractor tires. There is a lot of good information available online and any good supplier or manufacturer should be able to provide you with information related to the handling and traction of the tire. Be as informed as possible before making a purchase and you can’t go far wrong.

Where to buy Used Tractor Tires?

Nowadays it is a lot easier to source used tractor tires than ever before. Begin in your own community, checking local newspapers for suppliers or on community bulletin boards where local farmers may advertise. There is also an increase in the number of people who purchase used tractor tires online. Online searches can provide the opportunity to do some price comparisons without the need to call into or phoning local suppliers or sellers.

used tractor tires

Used Tractor Tires

Keep a look out for suppliers and sellers of familiar and trustworthy Used Tractor Tires brands such as Goodyear and John Deere. You can get fast results of available used tractor tires that are on sale or at discounted prices and may have the added bonus of an offer of free shipping.

The advantage in buying directly from someone local is that you probably have the opportunity to view the tractor tires in person before you purchase and there may be more room to bargain down the price. An online site however, such as eBay for example, provides a lot of information on seller ratings and feedback from other buyers and the possibility to bid your best price if the used tires are on “auction” as opposed to a fixed price.

New or Used Tractor Tires?

In an ideal world, it would be wonderful to think that we can always replace old with new. Unfortunately in the current economic climate, this is rarely the case. Buying new tractor tires is going to work out expensive, particularly if you need to replace the entire set of tires. Buying used tractor tires is certainly a wise option. Know what tire you need. Do a little research and have a look around for reliable brands on sale. Finding the best used tractor tires need not be a harrowing task and in fact, once they stand the test of time, will have you reaping the rewards!

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