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Those in the market to buy an SUV Tires (Sport Utility Vehicle) will not be disappointed by the variety of models on sale. SUVs offer a wide range of options in terms of design, sizes available and in pricing. As the name suggests, SUVs have a look that is both sporty and more robust than the average car. It is little wonder that their popularity as a family choice of vehicle is on the increase.

SUV Tires (Sport Utility Vehicle)

In these times of an economic slowdown, however, today’s driver demands the maximum performance to the dollar from their vehicle. Many SUV Tires are now manufactured promising to deliver better fuel economy or come equipped with latest technologies, such as anti-lock breaking systems, to improve vehicle control and safety. Whatever type of SUV Tires you own or choose to buy – whether it is a car-based SUV Tires (crossover vehicle) or a truck-based SUV- the best investment you can make to address many safety and performance issues is the installation of correct and quality tires for your vehicle.

Buying new tires or wheels for any vehicle is really not so different to buying new footwear. A sports trainer or snow boot, for example, each have their own specific purpose to protect and enhance performance on the field or in the snow. In the same way, the purchase of an SUV Tires is quite specific to the tire design and it’s purpose on the road. SUV Tires, especially a new set, can work out expensive but they have an important job to do. So how do you go about selecting new or replacement tires for your SUV Tires? Finding the best SUV Tires options might involve a little shopping around and research of various brands but it will be time well spent if you find products that will, in turn, do their time.

The Techie Bit of SUV Tires

To begin with, arm yourself with information about the SUV Tires technical requirements. Most of this can be readily found on the sidewall of the original SUV Tires or in the Owner’s Manual. SUV Tires tech information will display on the sidewall as a series of letters and numbers identifying important features such as the tire width and tire diameter, speed ratings and load ratings. The following is a typical example of how to read tire markings:

SUV Tires Example: 225/60R14/97T

The 225 represents SUV Tires width (in mm) /60 represents the ratio between tire height and width (the height, in this example is approx 60% of the width)/14 represents the wheel diameter (inches)/97 represents the load index*/T represents the speed rating**

*Bearing in mind that most SUV Tires are likely to carry a heavier load than the average car, ensure that you match the correct load range of the SUV tires according to the industry specified pressure. It is strongly recommended that you should never buy SUV Tires with a lower load rating than the original tire.

**Speed ratings are an industry standard that give information regarding the handling performance of the tire on the road against speed capabilities. It is very important to understand that tire ratings are NOT the recommended speeds at which you should drive your vehicle, they are simply controlled tests that reflect the SUV Tires speed capabilities. In the above example the speed rating is T (up to 118mph).

SUV Tires Categories

Once you have a good idea of what specifications you require your tire to meet, you can choose a SUV Tires that best suits the typical driving conditions your SUV will need to handle. SUV tires are available under a number of categories, the most popular of which would include the following types:

All-Season SUV Tires

Perhaps the most commonly used tires for light-duty SUV’s and trucks, the all-season tires offer great overall performance with good traction and a comfortable ride. They tend to have a longer tread life with strong patterned, rugged sidewalls for better handling on corners. They will perform well under most weather conditions but if you experience harsher climates, then it would be wise to also consider using winter tires for better handling on ice and snow.

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain SUV Tires

Anyone who uses their SUV for off-road driving will need to equip their vehicle with SUV Tires that provide an increase in traction and clearance. Not only does this address the performance requirement of the SUV Tires but also important safety issues as well. All-terrain tires offer a good compromise to drivers who need good performance both on and off-road. The tread pattern design means they can handle most surfaces such as dirt, sand, rock and wood trails. On-/Off Road all-terrain tire treads are not as aggressive as the Mud Terrain tires that are designed to prevent mud from packing. It is important, therefore, to know the limitations of All-Terrain tires if you intend to drive mainly off-road. They do perform well on street or highway though be aware that AT tires tend to create more noise than the All-Season SUV Tires for example, so may take somewhat from the quality of the ride.

Buying SUV tires is not a complicated process once you bear in mind a few key points.

a) Be informed about the recommended tire type for your SUV Tires based on important factors such as tire size, load range, speed rating etc.

b) Determine what type of performance you expect to get from your SUV Tires – things such as tire treads, tire profiles etc can have an impact on fuel economy, performance and ride comfort.

c) Select a tire that is best suited to the normal driving conditions for your SUV Tires – if you are mainly an on-road driver and driving on terrains that are not exposed to harsh weather conditions then perhaps an All-Season is the best option. If you plan on weekend warlording off-road, then you may need to consider having On-/Off-Road All Terrain tires or a separate set of Mud Tires to handle a more aggressive driving experience.

Whatever type of SUV Tires you drive and for whatever reason, remember that most are heavier than cars and require wheels that will offer the best performance and life span. Check with suppliers of popular brand names such as Goodyear Tires, Hankook Tires and Bridgestone Tires. All offer a range of SUV tires that rank amongst the best on the market and you may be fortunate to pick up some savings through promotions and exclusive offers.

SUV Tires

SUV Tires