7 Easy Tips to Save you money – Online Tire Buying Guide

Its very important to shop around nowadays to get the best price possible on new tires for sale. Gone are the days that you spend 2 solid hours going through the yellow pages through the new tires in the auto section my friend.

With the advent of modern technology you can now grab a coffee* (*feel free to replace with your favourite beverage, steady on there beer is not a bargain hunters friend), and sit down in front of your PC, laptop or even mobile phone and search for a replacement tire.

Technology is indeed a wonderful thing and now we can browse many websites and search engine comparison tools to get a bargain. But please take heed there are several things that you need to do in order to take advantage of this new wave of technology.

Tire buying guide pointers in no particular order:

7 Tire Buying Tips

1) Believe it nor not, not all tire companies have a website! So its important to once you have completed your research and decided on a tire short list that you price around a few local dealers with no online presence to get the cost of all the tires on your short list. Then explain to them that your not buying from them because they don’t have a website, er.. last bit was a joke.

2) Complete your research to see what factors you need to consider before looking for tires on sale.

3) Generate your shortlist based on your driving conditions, environment and budget

4) Make sure the companies online offer a complete service, and a total delivered price. Some companies offer arrangements with local fitters to help you get the tires fitted.

5) Total price – This has to include everything that you will pay for the tire, delivery, fitting, warranty included or not, if faulty return procedure? etc… This due diligence is very important because that super uber tire you just bought that has exploded on day two needs to be replaced is this going to cost you an arm and a leg to send back off to manufacturer? Some companies offer a pickup service and a return to base return policy that wont cost you a penny.

6) Compare like for like – Sounds obvious but only compare tires based on the same factors, like for like basis. You wouldn’t compare an orange to a lemon and if you do you may just buy one! Never compare tires based on price alone as this is not a factor of quality.

7) Price match/Beat. Once your shortlist is compiled then go through the list and write next to each tire what it cost (total price). Then if there are any companies that offer a special delivery price or warranty or any other feature that you find is essential to you then call them up and ask them to beat your best price. Don’t be shy as you can save quite a lot of money doing this as I can testify. All the garage can say is no. Then politely ask them if they will match your best price and you will go ahead with the purchase. More often than not they will wilt and agree, try it next time.

I hope these points help you save dollars off your next purchase and give you the confidence to buy tires online. You can often save a lot of money but its important that you do your research before committing to this approach. Not everything online is cheaper-

Even though tires are a bulky heavy purchase it doesn’t mean that you cant purchase tires online.

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