How to Pick a Quality Car Tire

Cars and Their Tires

Cars are how people get where they need to go, and maintaining one’s car is a sure way of making sure not to get stranded at the most inopportune time. One of the biggest components of a car is the tires, and ensuring the tires are of high quality is just as important as making sure they are properly maintained. Quality tires can vary depending on the type of vehicle they are used on. Top quality tires for a sports car are obviously going to be different that a good set of tires intended for an off-road vehicle. When choosing tires for a vehicle it is also important to take into consideration the type and amount of use the vehicle will sustain. For example, the environment the tires will be subject to, the distance they routinely travel, the vehicle type, the road conditions, and the desired lifespan all play a vital role in deciding what tire brand and type to purchase for a car.

Quality Tires

Picking a quality tire often can start with a good brand. Some quality tire brands for daily driver passenger vehicles include Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop and Bridgestone. These brands offer quality tires for use on everyday cars and won’t bust the bank in price. There are also other higher quality tire brands that may cost more, but provide even better tires that often are used in more punishing environments than daily driver tires. These brands can include Pirelli, Falken, Cooper and Toyo. These brands typically are more expensive, but may provide a longer life, more reliability, and improved road performance.

Considerations and Who to Ask

When choosing a tire there are many elements to help decide what tire needs to be had. Environment and weather takes a very large role. A car that is subject to snowy conditions in the winter time is going to need a different kind of tire than a car that is subject to arid and hot conditions that one would find in a desert setting. The type of vehicle also plays a part. A sedan is going to need a different tire in comparison to a truck, and a sports car that is subject to performance demands is going to differ from a car that travels off-road. When trying to decide what tire is needed, it may be best to consult a profession. A tire retailer can assist in deciding what tire type a car will need as long as they know what vehicle the tire is going on and what the driving habits of the car’s owner are like.

Why to Choose Quality

There are many tires and brands out there that skimp on quality to provide a car owner lower costs, but sacrificing quality for price is not always the best solution. An important component such as a tire needs to be made with the best materials and manufacturing methods so that a vehicle is less subject to flats, blowouts, and other dangerous situations which may place driver and passengers at risk. Also a tire with lower quality tends not to last as long as a higher quality tire, so even though the initial price may be lower, having to replace the tires more often will tend to cost about the same.