Right Tires for Rainy Road Conditions

Whether someone lives in Rhode Island or Illinois, safe driving can lead to better insurance rates. Insurance companies prefer drivers who are good drivers because they have to pay less for claims in the case of accidents, and most people prefer their loved ones to be safe and sound on the road.

Rainy Conditions

One of the conditions that every driver has to face is rainy weather conditions. If someone lives in a place that is prone to have large periods of constant rainy weather, and they spend a lot of time commuting, it is a good idea to understand what makes a good rain tire and how to choose the best one.

The primary dangers from driving in wet weather come from when the vehicle loses traction with the road. This can happen in a few ways, either through a skid from a sudden stop or a sudden swerve. Another way that the vehicle can lose traction with the road is through something called hydroplaning.

Sometimes in rainy road conditions there can be standing pools of water and the tire can completely loose connection to the surface of the road if the vehicle is traveling at a high enough rate of speed, like freeway driving for instance. The tire then behaves as if the water is the surface of the road, and the likelihood of serious accident can be quite high since control of a fast moving vehicle depends on its contact with the road.

First and foremost, one should look at the weather records for the area in which they live. They need to compare this record with their own individual driving experiences. If they find that their driving in wet weather adds up to a significant portion of time, one should consider purchasing rain tires.

Next, one should examine the wear on one’s own tires. This will give the individual a good point of reference. If the tires are relatively wear free, chances are that person does a lot of driving on surface streets, and not off road. Surface streets are where the driver needs good rain tires.

Driving in the rain can be a huge bummer

When considering a replacement tire, there are some factors to keep in mind. Expert help at an automotive store or car dealership is going to provide most of the answers that someone might need. Tire ratings can be a little confusing because of the information that is needed. Tires are needed for all kinds of conditions, and they need to be rated for speeds, loads, and durability, and not just their performance in varying weather conditions. What someone needs to look for in a good rain tire are deep grooves. The deep grooves allow water to be propelled away from the tire. These tires are all terrain tires must keep their grip and respond well. Usually these kinds of tires are rated at “b” or higher.

The only real drawback to rain tires is that because of the deeper grooves, they may not last as a tire rated for sunny driving conditions. But the piece of mind that comes with safety should outweigh any thought about the slight reduction in wear ability.