Tire and Rim Packages

When you are thinking about giving your car a custom look and feel, you’re bound to think about tire and rim deals. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose just the right combination that will give your car a terrific look and you a terrific value. Generally speaking, the first thing most people think of is appearance. You’ll want to think about the size of wheels and the size of rims you want and how that will contribute to the overall look of your car.

Different Tire/Rim Packages

Some people think it’s better to buy components separately when adding custom tires and rims, but if you are new to tire buying, you are probably better off getting a package. It’s a lot easier to make decisions for a package deal than to try to figure out what individual items will work well together. Tire and rim packages are composed of components that complement each other perfectly.

Sometimes you can find good discount on a combined package to save a little money, and that’s great; however, you should be absolutely certain you are getting the right tires and rims for your car. If you don’t, you may run into trouble if you purchase a discount tire package and then want to get your money back. Plus, a discounted package may not include mounting and balancing. If you have to pay for that separately, you aren’t getting much of a deal. Don’t let the tire shop add on a bunch of little fees that you weren’t expecting.

Cost of Tire/Rim Packages

The cost varies a great deal from place to place, and there are lots and lots of combinations to choose from. If you get a good kit, it should include the mounting and balancing as well as some extra parts and accessories at no extra cost. This makes buying such a setup package good value.

Often a wheel installation kit is included in the cost of a tire and rum package. This kit should have items such as lugs, hub rings and valve stems included. Sometimes items

tire and rim packages

Rim Packages for your motor

like wheel locks are included in the price as well as amenities such as roadside hazard programs and extended warranties.

When you are trying to decide what kind of wheel package would be best for your car, don’t forget to think about how you use your car. You should get tires and rims that are suited for the type of driving that you do. You may need specialty tires like snow tires or off-road tires.

What Brands To Select

In addition to size, width and profile, you should also give some thought to the brand of package that you purchase. If you purchase a top brand, you will have better luck upgrading and accessorizing in the future. If you choose an off-brand, this will not be the case. Even though top brands are usually a bit more expensive, they are also more dependable and come with better warranties.

Once you have settled on the combination you want, make sure you understand exactly what is included.  Before you visit your local tire shop, do an online search for different combos. Some online sites even have a visualization tool where you can “try on” different packages on your make and model of car. This will really help you get some ideas about what you are looking for. If you are buying online, look for deals that include free shipping to help cut your costs. Even if you find what you are looking for online, take a trip to a tire shop to see your choices “in person” so you can make the most informed choice.

When you do visit your local tire shop, you’ll be well prepared with names of the different deals you have seen and are interested in and some idea of what kind of prices you should be paying. Be sure to take your car or a picture of it with you so that the salesperson can advise you well. If your car is up on blocks waiting for a tire and rim packages, obviously you won’t be able to bring it along. In that case, be sure to at least have all the information about it (year, make & model) on hand so you can do a good job of choosing tires and rims.