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NTB Tires store (National Tire and Battery)

Are you in the market for a new set of NTB Tires? Your vehicle in need of an oil change or car brakes due for a service? Should your car or vehicle be in need of a lot or a little “tlc” then you may consider a visit to your local NTB Tires store (National Tire and Battery). “We Know Tires” claim the NTB Tires chain and this should certainly be the case. The company was borne through the merger of two popular tire retailers – Tire America and National Tire Warehouse and is owned by a leader in this industry TBC Corporation (think Big O Tires and Tire Kingdom). 

Apart from assisting you in the search for a new tire, NTB Tires is a one-stop-shop that caters to the needs of those looking for expert advice in high performance tires.  Like all large chain stores, NTB Tires offers an impressive selection of the most popular brand of tires – including BF Goodrich, Michelin, Goodyear to name but a few – and also provides customers with a world of auto services – anything from a visual inspection or a simple tire installation right up to offering customers a premium tire installation package – and all under the one roof.

Shop at NTB Tires Store

As with purchases of any nature, however, it is always a good idea to shop around and make some comparisons in terms of prices and value for money – ie you get what you pay for! Be aware also that all good sales people will probably try to offer you a range of their products or services even if you’ve just dropped in for an oil change!

If you visit NTB Tires online, you can review details about their price match promise on like for like products – another reason to carry out some market research and ensure you benefit if there are savings to be made.  In fact, they have an entire section related to savings that provides details on the current discounts, rebates and coupons available under various special offers. Certainly worth a little of your time.

If you are not in a particular rush for a new tire you might like to check online and test out the NTB Tires wheel visualizer. Enter some information about your own vehicle – year, make, model – and the online wheel visualizer will find a tire suitable for you.  From the results you will also be able to see what are the current offers across the tire range. 

Auto Parts and Services at NTB Tires

Though a trip to an NTB Store should provide a more complete education to someone new to the world of auto parts and services, NTB Tires have also thought to offer some online advice on auto safety and routine maintenance. The “Auto Education” section provides a useful read for those not so familiar with terms such as “Thrust Angle” or find themselves a bit lost when told the “Combination Valve” needs replacing!

Perhaps one of the most common car complaints that can, unfortunately, often take us by surprise is a dead car battery. There are a number of factors that determines the life span of a car battery – age, exposure to extreme weather temperatures, your car runs more short than long trips which means the battery is not properly recharged. NTB Tires offer a number of battery replacement options along with battery testing.  A number of other services are also available, such as alternator and starter checks, to ensure that the problem is with the battery and not with another component.

Policy of NTB Tires

For the eco-friendly consumers amongst us, it is useful to know that many NTB Tires outlets have a policy of recycling old batteries brought in by customers along with employing professional recyclers to safely dispose of the majority of fluids drained from the vehicles they service. And their “Think Green” initiatives don’t stop there. They will advise on correct tire pressure to avoid you wasting miles to the gallon!

When looking for routine auto services, there are many advantages to choosing somewhere like NTB Tires.  They offer a proven expertise in the industry along with a large inventory of tires to suit a wide range of vehicle types.  Customers can have routine maintenance such as tire installations, brake safety checks, an oil-change, steering and suspension inspections all carried out at the one pit-stop. However, it is worth calling ahead of a visit to a local NTB Tires store as the specific services may vary from location to location.  Also, when selecting a tire package online, make a call to check that the tire is currently available in-store and to confirm the current offers available.

Product and Services of NTB Tires

As with most chain-store outlets, however, the shopping experience may not feel quite as personalized as perhaps with a locally owned tire-dealership. The nature of these stores, however, offers more convenience to the consumer with good opening hours, many locations, a lot of up front information online to educate those new to auto terminology and a good range of auto products and services. As budget is key to most of our purchases, NTB customers can also benefit from continuous savings in the form of a discount or coupon or free inspection service. It is always wise to carry out some comparisons with like for like products and services against similar outlets. Check out discount tire stores in your area and have a look online to compare products such as car batteries and tires.

Being generally informed about prices will help you decide more easily that you are getting the best deal and keep you focused on the product or service being offered.  The cheapest options, particularly when it comes to choosing the right tire package, battery or brake linings, may not be a saving in the long run if you need to replace again shortly afterwards or, worse again, they are of poor quality.

There is probably every chance that you will be offered a few extra services or products beyond your immediate need – usually a common policy enforced on the staff employed by the bigger chain stores. However, there may well be a time when this may go in your favor and is probably not reason enough to avoid a larger outlet like NTB.

NTB Tires

NTB Tires