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Choosing a Tire Brand

There are many different brands available, from various manufacturers, a lot of info for a consumer to absorb. To know the unique qualities, specialties and characteristics of each tire brand may prove to be very helpful when deciding which wheel brand should be selected for your vehicle. Tire brands are an important and integral part of any car and should be installed and replaced on appropriate time in accordance with the needs of your car care.

Many people prefer the installation of used tire brands while other prefer to purchase and install brand new tire brands for their vehicles; it also depends on your budget as well as your preferences. As you know that there are various tire manufacturers with each company having some unique pros and cons in their products; it is essential to purchase the one which suits you and your needs the best.

The decision of which brand of tire you should go with, also depends on your vehicle brands. If you are purchasing tires for your truck, you will have to purchase the most suitable brand for truck tires – trucks may be heavy trucks or light trucks. Similarly, if you tend to drive more in the snowy areas, you should purchase the one which may work comparatively better on ice and snow type surfaces. There are many manufacturers to choose from, following is the list of such tire manufacturers along with the tire reviews, to help you in the decision of which wheel tire brands you should choose for your vehicle.


Bridgestone are one of the most praised, familiar and one of the largest tire brands suppliers in the world. The same company is involved in the making and marketing of the Fusion and Firestone franchises of tires.

Bridgestone are one of the most excellent tire brands, which people praise for its durability, reliability and high performance along with its high handling capabilities and grip in different weather conditions. Although, it’s other franchises do not have such great reviews and desirability amongst their customers.

Bridgestone is widely available at almost all the big suppliers’ stores.


Goodyear is one of the front-leading tire manufacture in the world. It was founded way back in 1898 and its associates include some well-reputed names as Dunlop and Kelly-Springfield. Goodyear has always been among many customers’ favorite tire brands because of its high end performance. Customers are attracted by positive tire reviews, long lasting tread wear and great handling. Certain consumer reports had previously questioned the wet weather performance of these tire brands, but the latest range of Good Year tires have stood up to these concerns favorably.

Goodyear tire brands can be found at any major local store or these tires can also be ordered directly from their online store.


Firestone – an American company, which was founded in the 1900s by Harvey Firestone initially focused on the production for vehicles used in the transportation system, and even today, Firestone’s tire brands for trucks and other vehicles are generally considered better comparatively with other tires. In 1988, the big Japanese tire company, Bridgestone, acquired this company. It is one of the well-reputed associates for Bridgestone.

You may remember the franchise that in the third quarter of 2001, Ford lost $752 million, mainly because of the 13million Firestone’s replacement tires.


Cooper does not have the biggest balance sheet, showing enormous amount of sales figures but it has its own fan base of customers which regard this company as very high among its competitors. It is an independent company based in America, but it is among the world’s top 10 tire manufacturers. It has a wide variety of tires available for different vehicles, but its tires for light trucks and SUVs have always stood apart among its competitors.

Cooper’s tire brands are not that easily available as that of the Bridgestone and Goodyear’s, but the same can be ordered from online or can be purchased by various independent retailers. performance tires of this company have always been rated positively but regarding their price, customers do have complains.


Michelin is a French tire manufacturer company and was founded in 1891. Michelin’s tire brands have always fetched great reviews among its customers, mainly because their supreme performance in different and adverse weather conditions. Good performances of tires for light trucks and SUVs are some of the positives for this company.

Michelin tires are available at nearly all stores; though, price has always been an issue among many of its willing customers.


Yokohama is a Japanese based tire manufacturing company which has its North America’s HQ located in California. Their focus on handling in different conditions, whether dry or wet, is the company’s most positive point along with its suitable price; although, tread wears has been a problem reported in customers’ reviews.


Pirelli tire brands focus on the high end of the market. It is generally used for luxurious and sports car. It is basically an Italian company with a global presence, but its influence in Europe is even greater than in the U.S.A. You can find this tire brands at nearly all the general suppliers except the Big O, Wal-Mart and Sears. You can also place your order through their online store.

Pirelli tire brands are reported to do extremely well in wet conditions, which make them somewhat superior among their competitors.


Toyo is a Japanese tire brands manufacturing company, started in 1945. Toyo has its own fan base of customers, usually because of the high praise they receive for their handling and comparatively low price of performance tires, but test results showed extremely negative reports on handling in adverse and not-so-supporting weather conditions; such reviews had also been reported by Toyo’s customers that these tire brands do not perform that well in bad weather.

Tire Brands

Tire Brands